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JR Kanemura


Jonathan Kanemura, better known as JR, is a former college athlete. Playing golf at Doane University in Crete, Nebraska. Following his graduation in 2020, he returned back to Lodi where he turned his attention to helping his sister get better at volleyball. He previously coached middle school at St. Peter Lodi, winning a league title in back-to-back years coaching alongside his parents Gary and Liza Kanemura. He joined Delta Valley with his sister, Elizabeth Kanemura, two years ago and has been with Delta ever since. He has been both an Assistant and Head Coach for Delta Valley. He was an Assistant Coach for Joe Wortmann (16 Blue) and Taylor Laugero (15 Blue) in 2022. Last year, he took on the Head Coaching role of both the 17 Blue and 16 Blue. JR also spends his time in Manteca, Coaching the Freshman Girls at Manteca High for the past year and will be returning this coming year. He also took on the role of being a boy’s club coach for Golden State Volleyball this previous summer. 

JR thinks that the only limitations that we have as athletes are the ones, we set on ourselves. He preaches hard work and dedication over natural ability all day. He enjoys coaching and will do everything in his power to help his girls reach the next level, one play at time. 

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