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Erykah Samuels

Coach - 12 Blue

Erykah is a home-grown Stockton girl and born into a sports family! She has 8 years volleyball experience, playing for Cesar Chavez High School for her high school career, and 6 years experience as a club player. Erykah was grateful to learn under local coaches such as our very own Richard Chan! As a captain all years of her volleyball career, Erykah values leadership and a great attitude on and off the court. 

After high school, Erykah took a break from volleyball, where she has since focused on her studies. Currently, Erykah is a history major at Sacramento State, where she plans to graduate next year and promote on her path to becoming a high school educator. 

Erykah currently coaches at the junior varsity level for her alum, Cesar Chavez High School. 

This will be her second season being a part of the Delta Family, and she is beyond excited to see what this season has to offer!